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  Heavy Drinking
     ~08 October 2011
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Previously on Chaff City...

Previously on Chaff City...
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News and that...
Meeeee (photo by Chris Findeis Photography)
08 October 2011

The thing in today's strip about old Guinness ads, by the way, is absolutely true. The good news is that modern studies have shown that dogs with narrow arteries who were given Guinness in a science experiment did actually have fewer nasty blood clots as a result. This I find deeply amusing - not so much that you can presumably now justify drinking Guinness if you are a dog with an arterial condition, but more the fact that somebody's idea of a worthwhile science experiment was to get a bunch of dogs sloshed in order to support drinking more booze in general. It sounds like something I'd write into the strip for Dr Dirty to get up to...

By the way, I've made some little changes to the Next and Previous strip navigation buttons and done away with the First and Newest ones. If anybody misses them, let me know and I'll work out a way to squeeze them back in. I didn't think the system was intuitive enough the other way, and I figure it's easy enough to find the first or newest comic via the Archive page. Like I said, give me a shout if you hate it and I'll work on it. But I think I like it better this way :)


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